dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

October 12 DotNedUG meeting was a great succes again!

dotNedUG meeting of october 12 was a great succes. With more than 120 attendees one of the most excited meetings of the year 2010. During this meeting, 2 topics are discussed:
1- Silverlight 4 and MVVM concept by Dennis Vroegop from Detrio Consultancy and dotNedUG.
2- Windows Phone 7 series with Silverlight by Arjen de Blok (@arjendeblok)from Humiq.

It was a great evening with a lot of interaction and discussion after the meeting.
I would like to thank all the attendees, Humiq for hosting our dotNedUG October meeting and also both speakers for the great sessions.

I hope to see all of the attendees next time during our next dotNedUG meeting in November 25 by vecrea in Amersfoort. Please visit our dotNedUG site for announcement and registration.